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Mixx Cruise offers a variety of boats for you to choose from for your events. Our four featured boats are The Jewel, The Art Boat, The Pangea, and The Paddle Wheel Queen. Each Boat is unique and can serve as the perfect venue for your needs. Some of the most common public or private events include cruises for holidays, Fourth of July, Labor Day weekend, Memorial Day weekend, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. We also offer private event charters for occasions like bachelorette parties, dinner cruises, weddings, birthday parties, and many more. Don’t be stressed out when planning your events because we offer all-inclusive cruises of NYC and treat your guests to some of the best views of the New York City Skyline while cruising around the harbor.

When you book a party cruise, your guests will experience a party like never before. We have the perfect party planning teams that can help you create the event of a lifetime and impress your guests. We have many different dining options for you to choose from, including specialized menu options. There are fully stocked bars aboard the vessels to entertain your guests all night long. Come onboard one of our exquisite vessels and enjoy great music, food, drinks, and views for the whole event.


Jewel Boat

The Jewel

The floating night club of NYC! At 130 feet, this ship can hold 330 passengers for the ultimate party. Fully climate controlled, with a beautiful interior, this boat is perfect for an event in any weather.

Art Boat NYC

The Art Boat

The Art Boat is a 130-foot ship that can hold 300 passengers for a party. The Art Boat is a fan favorite in NYC, offering a 360-degree panoramic lower deck. Covered in art, The Art Boat is the perfect setting for any party!

Pangea Boat NYC

The Pangea

At 70 feet long, The Pangea is the only 30 person US Coast Gard certified small luxury yacht in New York City for charter. This yacht offers a fantastic party experience and a luxury environment for all passengers.

Paddle Wheel Queen Boat NYC

The paddle wheel queen

The Paddle Wheel Queen is the floating playground! This ship is 120 feet long and can hold 350 people! There is plenty of space for you and your guests to sit, relax, dance, or enjoy the views of the New York Skyline.