Brunch Lunch Cruise NYC

Planning a brunch with your significant other, family, friends, or colleagues? Climb aboard and enjoy the best brunch cruise NYC has to offer. Enjoy our inspired brunch menu while floating along the Hudson River and taking incredible views of the Big Apple and its iconic landmarks.

Our attentive staff will be on hand to ensure you get the assistance you need both before and on the day. From bartenders to pilots, we’re here to serve you. We will make sure you do not lack anything.

Want something special? We offer solutions for special occasions too. We have special packages for corporate events, school events, weddings, fundraisers, and much more. We’ll customize our packages to suit your needs. Talk to our staff and let us know what you need. We’re experts at providing a personalized experience.

Want to make the day special? Add water to it. Our brunch cruises are what you need to take the occasion to a whole new level. Get in touch with us now to book your place. We’d be happy to assist you.


New York City Buildings

An experience like No OtherWhether you want to host a large brunch party or want to make your mom, dad, or significant other, feel special, there’s no experience quite as unique as a brunch on a boat. Book a brunch or lunch cruise NYC and enjoy:
Great food
Our delicious buffet brunch menu will ensure that your taste buds tingle. Our freshly prepared dishes are the topping on your enchanting experience. We offer a wide variety of treats to meet different preferences. Our buffet also features holiday-inspired foods for those special occasions.
Unlimited beverages
Our brunch cruise NYC features a wide range of drinks from mimosas, iced tea, hot tea, and coffee. It’s the perfect time of the day for a mimosa (only available for 21+). Stay refreshed with our bottomless coffee and teapots to go with your brunch.
Breathtaking views
Float along the Hudson River and enjoy the best views of New York City. This boat ride will ensure you view New York’s iconic landmarks, including the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, the Brooklyn Bridge, and much more. There’ll be many opportunities for photos to immortalize your brunch on a boat.
Lively entertainment
Enjoy tunes specially selected by our onboard DJ. Dance or bob your head to the latest hits and great mixes by our live DJ. We’ll help you set the mood for a memorable brunch.

Available Throughout the Year
Whether you want to enjoy brunch with your family on New Year’s Eve or want to treat your mum to something special on Mother’s Day, our brunch Cruise NYC bookings are available throughout the year. Our all-weather decks are climate controlled. You enjoy great food and spectacular views of the City throughout the year in great comfort, no matter what the weather is.

We cater to different group sizes. Whether you want to hire an entire yacht for a brunch party with your loved ones, need to have your family seated on the same table, or want to take your significant other out for a special occasion, we will provide you with solutions to meet your needs. We have tables to suit different group sizes as well as special packages for various events.